Design Services

Radial Electronics is a privately-held microelectronics company that develops innovative components for data communications and power conversion.  The company headquarters are in El Dorado California.  We have partnered with Shennan Circuits Co (SCC) Ltd in Shenzhen China to develop a practical process for embedding magnetic components into printed circuits. Our solutions allow a high degree of integration with other circuit functions and providing performance advancements though precision control and our automated assembly process

Design & Development Services

  • Product definition and opportunity analysis
  • Circuit design and simulation, PCB layout and mechanical design
  • Magnetic design, RF simulation and analysis
  • Design documentation and fabrication drawings
  • Material evaluation and process engineering
  • Project planning and program management
  • Coordination and management of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Product evaluation and Test
  • Applications engineering and technical sales support
  • Technology licensing and IP development

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