Embedded Magnetics: Devices are constructed by embedding ferrite cores into common substrate materials, applying printed circuit layers and interconnecting the wires with vias.  Since the transformer and inductor winding are defined through photolithography, the conductor widths and spacing’s can be accurately controlled to manage parameters like voltage isolation.  This level of accuracy allows precise control over loss elements in the windings; namely resistance, capacitance and leakage inductance.   The magnetics can be designed as both flux and transmission line devices, resulting in exceptional wideband performance and a high degree of consistency.

Technology Benefits

  • Low leakage inductance and AC loss
  • Low radiated and conducted emissions
  • Devices can be arrayed and stacked to minimize the device footprint
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Automated and batch assembly process
  • PCB platform that supports the placement of other passive and active components

Embedded resistors and capacitors are widely used in cell phones and other portable equipment to reduce size and optimize circuit interconnects. Much like their counterparts, embedded magnetic provides the opportunity for vertical integration and high density packaging. Radial has developed a number of unique processes that can be used to fabricate magnetic components, depending on the size and requirements.  The final device is essentially a printed circuit. Pads can be implemented on the top surface to receive passive and active components. This benefits circuit performance by decreasing interconnect trace lengths and reducing the overall system footprint.

Technical Papers

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